kvadrat wallet / clutch

kvadrat wallet / clutch


Oh, ja.


We are so proud of our ethical wool accessory collection. Not only is it vegan and superior to leather, it is also of the finest ethical wool that protects the lives of sheep who produce this much soft, durable fur. Imagine, a world where we don't kill animals in order to benefit from their properties. What lie has the meat industry been feeding *smirk* us that we must use animals in order to have durable products?


Our Kvadrat Clutch has been tested over a several year span. What we have found is that this wool is better than leather: it is stain resistant, shows zero wear, and holds it's shape with heavy years of use. There is no compromise with our Kvadrat Clutch made from the finest wool shipped from Denmark.


Built-in wallet, but also with a special area for keys, lip balm and travel parfum.


Available in neutral, fluid gray. O/S (one size).


Our Safe Textiles guarantee.


Designed and Handmade in Oakland, CA. 


We are so confident that you will like your Kvadrat Clutch, that we will send you a free matching Wool Wallet to pair with your purchase. 

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