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A focus on softness, sustainability and flexible sizing has led us to avoid using hardware in our garments, including button and zip closures.

Our garments wrap or drape to fit on the body as a way of honoring our natural architecture. There is no nostalgia to how our garments fit, such as with a classic pair of denim pants. Herderin moves away from traditional pattern-making and towards 'human-centered' empathic clothing design.

Most of our garments sizing is flexible -+ a size. 

E-mail us for questions regarding sizing.


S - 2 - 6

M - 6 - 10

L - 10 - 12

XL - 12 - 16

Regular - 5'8 and under

Tall - 5'9 and over

All bottoms are made high-rise / high-waist.

All garments pre-washed/preshrunk.

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