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Photo of Alexandra Nugent in San Francisco. Herderin is a clothing studio based in San Rafael, California

Design Approach

Herderin offers qualitative clothing with attentive details designed for everyday life. We focus on women's, gender fluid / unisex, and emerging baby & toddler. The meaning behind our work is to focus on realistic clothing of soft comfort matched with functional appropriateness.

Our offerings are designed and developed in San Rafael, California by Alexandria Vasquez, PhD, who is inspired to create depth over scale. Our clothing is made in studio by a small team of artisan women who make every garment to order.

Body-Centered Design

People and the environment do better when garments are made to be enjoyed despite changes to their bodies.

Herderin clothing is made to expand and contract; creating balanced proportions and sculptural framings of the body without compromise.

A foundation of our approach to design is freedom. Therefore, our garments contain zero hardware.

A Qualitative Brand

Herderin is a qualitative brand focused on how one feels rather than how one looks. We must heal our relationship with our bodies. Our birthright is to enjoy how it feels to live in them. Alix designed the first garments by living without mirrors for a number of years. Herderin invites you to stop looking in the mirror and judging how clothing looks on you. How does clothing feel on you?

Herderin is a Bay Area Made Member
Herderin is a Fibershed Producer Member

Regional Fibers: Supporting US Organic and Climate Beneficial Textiles

The majority of Herderin textiles are grown and processed in the US, and are certified organic with quality ethical and environmental standards. We are Fibershed certified for ethical production, practices and textiles. Read more here.

We believe that textiles should be sourced as locally, responsibly, and as organic as possible. This is why we choose our textiles like a good chef may choose their ingredients. We will never compromise the promise of our textiles for efficiency. 

We are excited to introduce innovative textiles that support nature via Climate Beneficial™ wool and cotton, traceable Nativa wool, Texas grown organic cotton, and more.

Drought Conscious

Droughts are a recurring feature of California’s climate, which is why we focus on low water, small batch natural dye 'broths'. When we do not use plant dyes, we use GOTS-certified non-toxic dyes.

Intentional Production & Longevity

We sew every garment in an airy, open studio surrounded by eucalyptus, pine and oak trees. We keep our studio clean and peaceful. Every garment is created in a thoughtful single-tailor process.


We want you to feel how nourishing it is to have something made just for you. Responding to the call of the sustainable clothing movement means finding ways to make a garment feel like a cherished gift that one is reluctant to discard. Our goal is longevity.

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