Organic & Sustainable Textiles

The majority of our textiles are grown and processed in the US, and are certified organic with quality ethical and environmental standards. Read more here.

Drought Conscious

Droughts are a recurring feature of California’s climate. Therefore, we sparingly dye our garments to preserve water for essential needs. When we dye, we use non-toxic eco- and plant-based materials in small batches.

Intentional Production

We sew every garment in an airy, open studio surrounded by eucalyptus, pine and oak trees. We keep our studio clean and peaceful. Every garment is designed by hand with an empathic iterative process.

Sustainable Design

People and the environment do better when garments are made to be enjoyed despite changes to their bodies.

Built into the design of our clothing, every garment is made to expand and contract; creating balanced proportions and sculptural framings of the human form without compromise.

A button and zip closure on a garment are finite:  One is either 'just right', or 'too big' or 'too small' for a garment with these additions. A foundation of our approach to design is freedom. Therefore, our garments contain zero hardware.

Fibershed Producer Member
Bay Area Made Member