Herderin LLC

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Herderin is a womenswear line in Oakland, California that designs and handmakes all garments in our studio. We are factory-free.

Our focus is on natural silhouettes and intuitive comfort based from a sustainable, capsule collection. We do not believe in fashion, but rather timeless, functional and meaningful design.


Our guarantee is that our garments are handmade from Safe Textiles. This means that our textiles are sustainably grown and processed in the US and are certified organic. We do not work with synthetic materials, even when they are recycled (e.g., polyester).

Our design principles are embedded in intuition and an empathic understanding of human comfort--both physical and emotional.


Herderin's founder and designer has a PhD in Sociology, and strives to make the principles and foundation of Herderin focused on social and environmental impact.

Our company is proudly ethical, sustainable, functional and for the promotion of a peaceful,

meaningful life.



Herderin clothing does not have traditional proportions, nor do we use button and zip closures. We don't believe in hardware.

Most of our garments wrap, drape and fit neatly on the body in a way that honors our natural architecture. There is no nostalgia to how our garments fit, such as with a classic pair of denim pants. Instead, the design of Herderin garments seek to connect with our inherent essence. Therefore, although Herderin fit is a novel concept, it is somehow surprisingly familiar. 

If you have questions about fit, please e-mail us and we will be happy to answer your questions. 


S - 2 - 6

M - 6 - 10

L - 10 - 14

XL - 14 - 18

O/S - One size fits most

Returns / Exchanges


Unused garments and accessories are accepted for a full return within 30 days from purchase. If the problem with your garment is fit, we encourage you to  have Herderin tailor your item on us. 

Returns should be made by emailing us, so we can send you the proper return label. Please also use this email for exchanges. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.