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Handwoven cotton has inconsistent characteristics that only can be achieved through the hand-weaving process. The result is imperfect, one-of-a-kind pieces where no two are ever alike. Soft as a cloud, lightweight and breathable. Our handwoven cotton is organic, pre-washed and pre-shrunk prior. to production. It is creamy in color and has specks of light brown throughout.


Handwoven organic cotton is naturally biodegradable, yet is durable for years of enjoyment. Our handwoven organic cotton is one of the few textiles we work with that is not domestically grown and processed.

Rocky Mountain Merino Wool

Sourced from the Rocky Mountains, our merino and jersey wools are grown from US merino sheep that are raised in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. The wool is shorn without harming the sheep, who graze and live freely on acres upon acres of natural land.


Our wool partner is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and has third party audited wool sourcing standards. We are grateful to have wool that not only is of upmost quality, but also of human rights and animal welfare standards.

Our wool is some of the best quality wools produced in the US for fineness, color and length.


Our wool is unique in that it is naturally insulating while breathable; easy to care for, and will not shrink in the wash. Wool is also easy to clean because of the keratin fibers that naturally make it less able to retain odors. Wool is a wonderful sustainable textile as it is naturally biodegradable.

Climate Beneficial Wool

Climate Beneficial Wool is a by-product of employing carbon farming practices. Sheep raised on a farm that can sequester carbon back into the ground, as opposed to sending it into the atmosphere, are actually reducing their carbon footprint and creating a beneficial impact on the environment.

We source our Climate Beneficial wool from Oregon and California farms, which are then sent to New Hampshire to be woven.

This wool has a woven, thick texture. It is not itchy. Unlike our Rocky Mountain Merino Wool, our Climate Beneficial wool will shrink if placed in warm water. Be sure to cold wash and flat dry Herderin garments made from Climate Beneficial wool.

herderin climate beneficial wool

Hemp is noteworthy for being soil-regenerative, carbon isolating, water-saving, non-reliant on herbicides and pesticides, naturally antimicrobial, durable, biodegradable and so much more.


It is truly one of the most remarkable crops for textiles. Our US Hemp is organically grown and processed using organic chemicals that are covered under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and are 100% recyclable. Our hemp is knitted in the Los Angeles, California area.

herderin US organic cotton waffleknit


The California Cotton & Climate Coalition, known as C4, aims to build capacity within all stakeholders to grow, source, and develop climate beneficial, farm-forward textiles and supply chains in the future without the help of the coalition. C4 is led by Fibershed in partnership with White Buffalo Land Trust, Torus, Materevolve, Chico State University, Agri Technovation, Carbon Cycle Institute, Bowles Farming Company and Stone Land Company.

C4 is a coalition working together to evolve California cotton growing. This work can create a roadmap for all California cotton growers.

Together, we are supporting Climate Beneficial (TM) cotton. Climate Beneficial cotton improves soil health and water holding capacity, building and measuring soil carbon, and reducing the use of synthetic chemistry.

Food crops are rotated with cotton that include corn, wheat, garlic, onions and tomatoes. These transitions that we are making to cotton systems simultaneously affect food growing as well.


Did you know that cotton is a flower?


Our Organic Cotton is grown in Texas by the Texas Organic Cotton Co-op comprised of family farms, and is processed in North Carolina by a family-owned mill.


Due to using organic farming practices, our organic cotton mainly relies on rainwater and has no toxic chemicals present.

Our Organic Cotton is soft to the touch, flexible, durable and processed with care to preserve the natural qualities of the flower.

As an independent clothing brand, we design and make our US Organic Cotton garments here in California with zero compromise, but there is still work to be done. Join us in helping to develop regional fiber systems that restore indigenous roots and bring equality to American land ownership.

Your purchase helps support our efforts to educate and invest in multiple organizations and land trusts whose mission is to bring social justice to the forefront of American textiles.

herderin hemp organic cotton drape wrap pant
herderin hemp and organic cotton thunaa poncho
coquelicot top hemp and US organic cotton herderin

We use some fabrics that are a blend of fair trade hemp and organic cotton. By fair trade, we certify that the textile is also free trade; wages and hours are reasonable, and working conditions are safe and comfortable. Our partners are also part of the Fair Wear Foundation.


When hemp and organic cotton are blended, the comfort of the textile becomes far greater than if just using hemp alone. At the same time, organic cotton also becomes much more durable when blended with hemp. We like this combination because it adds a unique texture to the finished product that is comforting, soft, flexible and better with age.

herderin funnelneck sleeveless in hypoallergenic silk

We believe silk clothing should be used not just for delicate adornment, but also functionality. Our silk is intended to be used for every occasion, from hiking to dining. Our silk is washable, durable and better with age.

Our silk is sourced from fine producers throughout Southeast Asia, where the cultivation and processing of fine silk has existed for centuries. 

Silk is naturally biodegradable, and a renewable resource. It also uses less water, chemicals, and energy than many other fibers.


herderin washable hypoallergenic silk
herderin wrap pant in hypoallergenic silk

Other Materials

Herderin sews with 100 percent ORGANIC COTTON THREAD supplied by a small woman-owned US company.

Elastic used in our clothing comes from the rubber tree and is knit with organic cotton. this makes for a durable product that can biodegrade when its lifetime is complete.

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