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Did you know that cotton is a flower?


Our Organic Cotton is grown in Texas by the Texas Organic Cotton Co-op comprised of family farms, and is processed in North Carolina by a family-owned mill.


Due to using organic farming practices, our organic cotton mainly relies on rainwater and has no toxic chemicals present.

Our Organic Cotton is soft to the touch, flexible, durable and processed with care to preserve the natural qualities of the flower.

As an independent clothing brand, we design and make our US Organic Cotton garments here in California with zero compromise, but there is still work to be done. Join us in helping to develop regional fiber systems that restore indigenous roots and bring equality to American land ownership.

Your purchase helps support our efforts to educate and invest in multiple organizations and land trusts whose mission is to bring social justice to the forefront of American textiles.


The California Cotton & Climate Coalition, known as C4, aims to build capacity within all stakeholders to grow, source, and develop climate beneficial, farm-forward textiles and supply chains in the future without the help of the coalition. C4 is led by Fibershed in partnership with White Buffalo Land Trust, Torus, Materevolve, Chico State University, Agri Technovation, Carbon Cycle Institute, Bowles Farming Company and Stone Land Company.

C4 is a coalition working together to evolve California cotton growing. This work can create a roadmap for all California cotton growers.

Together, we are supporting Climate Beneficial (TM) cotton. Climate Beneficial cotton improves soil health and water holding capacity, building and measuring soil carbon, and reducing the use of synthetic chemistry.

Food crops are rotated with cotton that include corn, wheat, garlic, onions and tomatoes. These transitions that we are making to cotton systems simultaneously affect food growing as well.

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