Highwaist Overlay Legging in Hemp / Organic Cotton

Highwaist Overlay Legging in Hemp / Organic Cotton


An ultra high rise / highwaist legging with an elastic waistband and frontal drape layover. Cuffed ankle. Added lycra for virgin compression with each wash and wear. Made for all occassions, from hiking, lounging to yoga. One of our best sellers.


We use a sustainable hemp and organic cotton blend. The natural texture of this fabric is nubby and soft. Hemp is naturally antimicrobial and durable, and has a unique feel as compared to synthetic fibers. We believe that if you're going to sweat, you should wear healthy materials, since your body will reabosrbed the textile into your body. Most leggings are made from Nylon and Polyester (petroleum-based) fabrics that are one of the greatest polluters in the clothing industry, and also are not healthy for the human body. 


Part of our Drought Conscious™ collection, this garment comes in a sustainable hemp and certified organic cotton blend, and is not dyed. This textile blend is produced using organic farming methods that reduce water usage, as opposed to traditional farming methods that deplete the soil and strain the Earth's resources. Our hemp is grown sustainably and aids in regenerating healthy soil. 


Certified Fair Trade.


Sewpure™, GOTS certified, organic cotton thread.


Designed and handmade to order in San Rafael, California.


Tracy is 5'7 and wears S / Regular.

Desiree is 5'8 and wearing S / Regular.


This legging has Tall sizing available.