drape pant / denim

drape pant / denim


There aren't any unflattering angles with the Drape Pant. It is a universal design that we have taken years to develop. Careful selection of fabric also ensures that no areas of the body work against the material. 

Full length pant.

Criss-cross the front and back ties over one hip and pull them over to the other in order to create a waste flattering drape. Tie to desired fit.

97% organic cotton knitted denim 3% lycra.

Knitted denim is soft like any other knit material, but with the strength and durability of denim. We use a fine medium weight with a touch of stretch for size flexibility and comfort.

Designed and handmade in San Rafael, California. 

Our Safe Textiles guarantee ensures no synthetic or harmful ingredients have been added to the finished product.

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