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Herderin's focus is on ethics through aesthetics, and divine connection to the honeymoon moments of life.

Clothing should not be a barrier to the familiar, nor should it attempt to tell us both who we are and ought to be.

We believe in the concept of biorealism, which is a movement in architecture and design that sees environment as central to shaping the life of all living beings. The designers responsibility, therefore, ought to ensure that their work is used to heal instead of harm.

We are not speaking just of environmental impact, but also our emotional health.

We do not design based on the idea of western beauty perfected. And, we do not construct our garments in order for one to feel close to a body shape that has been idealized by the trends of colonialist civilization.

Herderin is a deep desire to bring humans closer to their true nature:
comfort-seeking, with a need for space / air, and flexibility to simply be(come).

Some of our original designs were created to soothe friends who needed honest love. 


Herderin is a homemade meal.

we hope you enjoy.

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